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Hi there, Hope you're doing great! Welcome to my home page. While you're at it do have a look at my blog here and the list of my Best answers on Stack Overflow.

About Me

Endurance International Group

Software Developer, July 2016-Present

PES Institute of Technology

B.E. (Computer Science), July 2012-May 2016

Bishop Cotton Boys School

Schooling, July 1998 - May 2012


My main research interests include Data Analytics, Programming and Database Management Techniques. The new field of semantic computing interests me a lot.

My Technical expertise includes Java, Javascript and Python. I've also worked in C and R Languages. The main databases that I've used are PostGreSQL, MongoDB, AllegroGraph and Neo4j. I have worked with LaTeX for my paper presentations


Do read about these papers and also about all my current projects here.

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